Managed by: Gus Hartl

Annual Match

DATE: Saturday 22 June 2019 10:00am to 5:00pm

LOCATION: Decew Gun Club
3042 Cataract Rd. Fonthill ON L0S 1J0 Club has a website

PRE SHOOTS: Any Sunday up to the match date during the Decew Summer Leaque.

Starts at 10:00 am

OPEN TO: Any person that has been holster trained, Includes Police Officers, CPCA, CSSA, IPSC, and IDPA Trained Members.

Matches: 1200 PPC (2 X 600) Two modified police courses using the B34 for the 24 round stage. Can be shot with a Semi Auto or Revolver 48 Round course for Service Matches, Service Auto, 4 inch Revolver and 2 inch Revolver.

Optics: Optics may be used in the Service Auto match. If there are sufficient numbers using optics a sepereate class will be created.

Fees: 1200 Match $35.00 (TPAAA Members $30.00)

All Service matches $10.00

***Note*** Service Matches are Re-Entry matches and
may be shot as many times as you wish.

BBQ Included on match date only.

Awards: Choice of Cash or Medals in all matches.

Targets: B27 and B34 for 1200 match

B27 for Service Matches

Scoring on the line, Bring a pencil

Relays: Squadded on first come, first served
You may start with 1200 Match or Service.


For Further info Contact:
Kevin Kaposy

(Former Niagara Reg. Police Range)

  • Every Sunday starting May 5th 2019 at 10:00am
  • Service and PPC matches
  • Each match is $2.50
  • Open to everyone on the club or anyone else who wants
    more practice.
  • This is an outdoor range.

3042 Cataract Rd. Fonthill, Ontario
The club has a website with directions.

Waterloo County Revolver Association
2019 Outdoor PPC Match

Dates: Saturday – MAY 25, 2019. Range open at 09:00

Pre-shoot will be the Thursday prior to the match, 23 MAY 2019, for those who cannot attend on SAT. ONE RELAY ONLY AT 10:30

Location: The Waterloo County Revolver Association is located at #2278 Synder’s Road East (formerly Regional Road 8). Kitchener, Ontario. The range facilities are located 45 minutes west of Mississauga Road / Hwy 401. Exit Hwy 401 using the Hwy 8 Kitchener/Waterloo exit.

Take Hwy 8 and merge onto Hwy 7 West/Stratford. Exit Hwy 7 on Trussler Road, North exit. Turn left on
Synder’s Road. East.

Download Registration Form


Range Burlington will be hosting a Police Pistol Combat match on April 7th, 2019 at our indoor facility located at 1540 King Rd, Burlington, Ontario, L7P5A5.

Click here BRRC

This match is open to anyone who is holster qualified.

The 1200 PPC match will consist of a double 600 match to be fired on B-27 and B-34 targets. Service matches will consist of 48 rounds to be fired on a single B-27.

Please note; Custom Colt (or similar pistols) Smith and Wesson Model 52 and PPC 9’s (Sig X5, X6) will not be allowed in the spirit of the service match and revolvers should have standard factory barrels of 5 inches or less.

We will have new classes that allow optical devices for both the 1200 PPC and Service matches.

Please note that service matches may be fired as many times as you like with only your best score being entered for prizes.

The double 600 match is open to both semi-autos and revolvers. Ground cover at the 25 yard stage will be provided; forward line and equipment rules will be enforced.

Competitors will score all targets off the line in the lounge.

After the match we will have a 50-50 “Steel Plate Challenge”. Shoot five steel plates at 15 yards with a service pistol or revolver for $2.00; winner takes half the pot, the other half goes to the club. Maximum six rounds per magazine.

Sunday April 7th, 2019.

Registration opens at noon.

The first relay will begin at 1 pm. Relays will be scheduled as soon as possible once you are registered, and will
continue until 6 p.m.


The cost will be $15.00 for the 1200 match, $10.00 for the first service match and $5.00 for re-shoots.

Awards will be based on the Lewis system with cash prizes dependent on the number of participants.


For questions or details, contact the BRRC PPC Director,

We look forward to seeing you at this match and on the circuit.
Andre DeLoos, PPC Director, Range Burlington.